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Experienced Anxiety Therapists in Harley Street & Wimpole street London 

Mike Ward is the senior consultant who is an experienced psychotherapist.  He has a BA (Hons) in Therapeutic integrative counselling and continues to train each year. Adding to his portfolio he also trained to a Certificate level in Applied Neuroscience, CBT, Trauma and PTSD, including EMDR.  

Passionate and enjoying his academic learning, he returned to University and completed a Graduate Certificate in Psychology at the University of Winchester. He explains that it is crucial to keep up to date with the latest technology and research  in the neuroscience and psychology of mental health,  to better inform society and help improve mental health for all.

Adding to his continuation of research, he is currently undertaking further reesrarch and academic training at Kings College in London, studying the MSC in The Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health,  and then towards a Doctorate.  Mike is fascinated about the biological foundations of mental health and how neuroscience can support and inform appropriate, timely and evidenced based interventions.

He is very much looking forward to this partiuclar area of research, learning from world renowned professors, with the value of being able to bring this knowldge back to his practce and clients. One of his continuing goals in life, is to help inform and improve mental health and well being for individuals and society.


Mike specialises in the structures and patterns of anxiety and has a specific and active interest in this field, he spent over 10 years working for a trauma charity and is a consultant therapist to the UK Police service. In addition Mike owned and managed an Employee Assistance programme, for a company with over 900 employees. 

He keeps himself up to date with the latest research including neuroscience and cognitive and behavioural psychotherapies, very recently undertaking training and being mentored in the neuroscience field with Doctor Sarah Mckay. This information provides him with a continual and healthy approach to providing effective and modern therapeutic treatments, including applying the principles of neuroscience through his work. Please feel free to review his twitter feed and the research and resources page to read the fascinating information and findings that he wants to share with you. There is clearly a science and neurobiology behind the affects of anxiety and applying modern science along with therapy and advise about nutrition, the health and well being of our clients is at the core of his work.

Along with his recent academic training at University, he has been awarded the Certificate of proficiency and is a registered psychotherapist and counsellor with the BACP, and on the Accredited register, of the Professional standards authority, set up by the Government to improve standards  and safety for the public using therapy services. Mike is also a volunteer at the BACP for Good practice guidance as a peer reviewer.

Mike continues to undertake Professional development. Over the most recent years he has trained (and continues to do so) with some of the worlds leading personalities in the therapy and business coaching world. These include, Dr Sarah McKay a world renowned leading neuroscientist, Steve Wichett, a leading executive business coach and a true master of  positive, lasting, change.

To find out more about Mike Ward and his other private practice in Hampshire, please also visit his counselling and psychotherapy website and his Clinic for Anxiety in Chandlers Ford Hampshire




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