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Improve your confidence in specific situations.

Situational anxiety relates to specific situations, these events or places can trigger extreme anxiety or panic attacks and put a person off wanting to attend or participate again, creating avoidance and fear.

For example publc speaking can trigger unnecessary anxiety and stress leading up to the presentation and/or during the presentation. Mike explains that fear is real, however what is crucial is the timing, and we do not necessarily need to feel overwhelmed when wanting to perform or present information to others. 

The London anxiety clinic teaches the skills for public speaking and shows you the techniques to manage the fear effectively, turning your ability and competencies into more adaptive and proactive strategies. Enabling you to present more easily. Adapting to the environment, be it teaching/lecturing at University or presenting at a board meeting,Mike will show and teach you the techniques on how to adapt to these situations.

Situational anxiety, just doesnt stop at public speaking. Many clients feel very resourceful in many areas of their lives, sometimes finding that specific situations just trigger fear or panic. For example, changing employment, school, taking on more responsibility and dealing with staff or confrontation. Either way the London anxiety clinic will assist in helping you to develop the necessary skills.

To find out more, please contact the London anxiety clinic for a complimentary consultation.


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