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The London Anxiety Clinic in  Harley Street London

Firstly, to  introduce myself, my name is  Mike Ward and may I welcome you to the Anxiety Clinic in Harley Street London.

It is here that we offer the most effective therapeutic treatments to successfully overcome and manage excessive levels of anxiety, and associated symptoms that people experience. 

Of course, some levels of anxiety are natural, for example being worried about exams or preparing for a performance, an appropriate level helps to focus your thoughts and increases the required energy to achieve. When anxiety is occasional and temporary, we could say it is a normal part of life. Help is available for anxiety and there is no need to be consumed by anxiety or panic.

Yet we also live in a dynamic and competitive world that can be fast moving and at times challenging to maintain a continual pace.  Or maybe just the experiences of dealing with everyday situations is enough to provoke intense feelings and thoughts that create stress and anxiety attacks.

Additionally, fears and worries can emerge from adolescence, factors such as significant early traumas, negative parenting, peers, family dynamics or unpleasant experiences affecting self esteem and confidence. Individual experiences will be different, with biological and genetic factors contributing to your temperament and how you respond to situations.

Treatments for Anxiety Harley Street London Anxiety Clinic

Specialising in the neuroscience of brain health and the psychological treatments for anxiety, anxiety disorders, stress, depression and PTSD. I provide appropriate treatments to support and assist, in helping you to develop an approach to reduce the un-wanted anxiety and associated symptoms. Our anxiety treatments provide you a choice of a scientifically based  and integrative approach to treating your anxiety,  and increasing your overall well-being. So you can understand how the brain, body, nervous system,  particular thinking styles, learnt behaviours, nutritional effects, or lifestyle changes can be utilised fully  and efficiently to achieve your outcomes of therapy. Along with these most modern methods when treating anxiety I also provide clinical hypnotherapy, NLP and EFT.

Counselling for anxiety or treatments for anxiety can take many forms and you may have read of many already. To simplify the anxiety treatments, please take your time to have a look around all of the pages, you will find further details about the treatments I offer, the various types of anxiety, the latest research and related information.  You can also read about my qualifications and continual training. There are also various resources, including my free confidence and well-being mindfulness download, please accept this with my compliments.

Upon your first contact with me, I provide a complimentary 30 minute confidential telephone consultation, to discuss how I can help with your anxiety treatment, and to explore the issues you want to work with.  You can find my contact details at the top of this page. 

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