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Emdr Therapy London

Treatment for anxiety London Harley Street (UK)

Mike is an EMDR trauma therapist and anxiety specialist in London, Harley street. His expertise within this area developed when working as therapist for 10 years, within a charity that provided trauma therapy for both perpetrators and survivors of violent crime, abuse and domestic violence.

Below Mike shares with you how EMDR is useful for traumas, ptsd and anxiety disorders.

EMDR  (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing) is provided as an anxiety treatment at the London Anxiety Clinic. EMDR can be an extremely successful and effective treatment for anxiety,  stress, trauma and disturbing experiences, with the goal of reducing your distress in the shortest period of time.  EMDR therapy stimulates information in the brains processing system, transforming your emotional health and works towards resolution of negative experiences and of the anxiety or traumas.. Moving you beyond your current limitations to a more resourcefull state.

What happens in trauma or in a disturbing event is that the person may have become overwhelmed and aspects of the trauma may not get processed like they do in normal memory.

To give you an idea about this, when working with my clients and talking about how memory works, I invite them to recall a specific ‘happy event’. The client describes the event, recalling imagery, noises, smells, and feelings, maybe even tastes. After they have told me about the event the memory then gets re stored away for future recall. All or many aspects of the event are recalled and stored away again – a natural process.

In trauma and being overwhelmed, aspects of the distressing event in memory do not get stored correctly and appear to be ‘frozen in time’  or fragmented on a neurological level. This presents itself in a number of symptoms  as described in our list of symptoms. 

With the use of EMDR, there is a strict 8 phase treatment plan where thr anxiety treatment targets specific areas that the client will have explained through the assessment process. These stages include the use of eye movements or other forms of left and right alternating stimulation, along with relaxation exercises, guided visualisations and breathing techniques.

An overview of the 8 stage process includes: History taking, preparation, assessment, desensitization, installation, body Scan, closure and re-Evaluation.

If you would like to know more about EMDR or PTSD and the treatment of anxiety with this evidenced based therapy, please know that you can contact Mike Ward for a 30 minute complimentary telephone consultation.


If you are experiencing anxiety or are worried about your psychological health and personal safety, please always consult with with GP first. 

There also also a number of support lines available :

NHS Emergences for urgent help and attention. Call the emergency number of 999. An operator will answer.

For non urgent enquiries, or advice and health, the NHS out of hours service  can be called on 111.

For people that are experiencing severe distress, or suicidal thoughts, the Samaritans operate a confidential helpline 24 hours each day. They can be contacted on 08457 90 90 90.


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