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Treatment for Depression London

Help for depression is available at the our anxiety clinics in London and Hampshire.

Depression can be triggred by anxiety, and can be experienced as a prolonged low mood, feeling hopeless and sad. Depression and anxiety can be experienced at the same time.

Anxiety can be a negative experience because of the daily disturbances that take place, or the sudden impact of fear or terror about to occur, likened to a panic attack or flashback. It can be disruptive to your future goals and plans. By responding to anxiety with excessive worry or hopelessness of not being able to achieve, maybe some daily tasks, or difficulty in maintaining relationships. These are factors towards increasing the risk of depressive symptoms. Both anxiety and depression exhibit disturbances in positive emotional regulation (Jenna et al. 2014).

Following some recent research by Bird et al. (2013), they discussed and provided examples of the core traits or tendancies that may underpin the relationship between anxiety and depression. As you read the core tendancies below, please relate them to your experiences and see if they hold any meaning for you.

  • Dysfunctional emotional regulation (Wells and Mathews 1994).
  • Self-absorption, focussed on self (Ingam 1990).
  • Repetitive negative thinking (Ehring and Watkins 2008).
  • Self attacking thoughts (Gilbert and Irons 2004).
  • Avoidance behaviours (Hayes et al. 1996).

Treatment for depression can include the following:

CBT or cogntive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, imagery and narrative re-scripting.


Nutrional changes.

Exercise routines.

Social activities.

Physiological techniques.

Behavioural experiments to intiate change and increase mood and confidence.

Assertiveness training.



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