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Treatments for Anxiety Harley Street London Anxiety Clinic

Our treatments for anxiety at the London anxiety clinic Harley Street, provide you a choice of scientifically based anxiety treatments and an integrative approach to treating your anxiety and increasing your overall well-being.

The types of treatment for anxiety can be dependent on the complexity and intensity of the anxiety. Sometimes using a combination of all of them, or just using one specific approach.

Immediately in our first session we will review the current problem, then discuss the appropriate anxiety treatment options and begin the process of change. Sessions usually last up to an hour and a half. Luckily for many types of anxiety we do not need to know how they began. There are particular patterns, themes of thought, feelings and behaviours that may maintain the anxiety. By learning how to understand these patterns and at the same time develop new understanding and skills, you can reduce the anxiety and increase self-esteem and confidence, with your anxiety treatment plan.

In addition Mike provides a model of generative well being and restoring balance. He compliments his work by providing information and guidance on the direct role of nutrition and how particular vitamins, minerals and amino acids, relate and interact to our physical, emotional and mental health. Many of our clients have achieved their results in reducing anxiety just by nutritional changes alone.

You may read or hear different names for anxiety treatments, for example anxiety counselling, CBT for anxiety or Psychotherapy for anxiety.

Below are our treatments for anxiety, please read through them and feel free to contact us with any questions and I hope these help to inform you about the various anxiety treatments available.


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